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Traceability and
Animal Welfare

The elements that comprise Pangea’s ‘Farm to Hide’ strategy. We are commi­tted to and insist on working only with suppliers that follow our stringent standards to ensure compliance for these key metrics.

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Our Facilites are LWG Certified

The Leather Working Group is dedicated to driving improvements in sustainability within the leather industry. Founded by brands such as Nike and Ikea, LWG has become the preferred audit system for many automotive manufacturers.

Pangea is proud to support LWG initiatives and partnerships including UNDSG*, the Textile Exchange, and the World Wildlife Fund.

We plan to have all sites Gold Certifiedby Q2-2023

- Gold Status Achieved: Mexico & China
- Gold Status Pending: Europe & South Africa

Resource Conservation,
Waste Management and
Carbon Footprint

Our continued work to address these critical areas of leather’s life cycle will drive advancements for innovative solutions like carbon-neutral or biodegradable leather, or zero-waste leather tanning / finishing processes.