Pangea, Formerly GST SetonPangea, Formerly GST Seton

What we do

Mobility interiors,
driven by luxury

For nearly a century, customers around the world have relied on us to deliver
luxurious interior solutions for their vehicles. Our passion for leather is revealed in the
transformation of each hide into unique interior components.

What we do

Design matters

We bring cutting-edge techniques and design thinking to bear as we
collaborate closely with our customers to achieve a shared vision. Through
our team’s creativity and advanced tools, coupled with traditional
craftsmanship, we deliver compelling design solutions that evoke the
inherent natural beauty of our leather.

Pangea employee

What we do

Products as distinct
as our material

Custom color, haptic and performance treatments - our experience in leather customization is one of the
cornerstones of our customer-focused product development and design. Our teams can quickly and seamlessly
provide working prototypes for leather interiors that meet your needs.

Pangea manufacturing employee

What we do

Driving excellence
in all we do

Operational excellence, world-class manufacturing and our commitment to craft is Pangea’s roadmap for creating beautiful leather products and executing seamless customer launches. Our global footprint, comprising 13 sites on four continents, is taking the creation of automotive leather to a new level with innovative and sustainable processes and standards that truly are redefining the industry.