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How we do it

Reinventing the standard
in supply chain service

Our mission to deliver world-class leather products and services to our
customers aren’t just words on paper. It reflects a culture guided by growth,
innovation and unparalleled customer service, driven by our overarching
business philosophies and commitment to the value of leather.

How we do it

Customer service. Disciplined passion.
Market growth.

We strive to act as a trusted advisor for our customers and suppliers. But what does that really mean? It means that we forge partnerships through insight and credibility. It means that we leverage those relationships to understand challenges and then develop solutions. It means that we truly connect with our customers, creating unique leather products that define their vehicle brands.

Explore our Sustainability

Environmental Responsibility

Look around – chances are, you won’t find a more sustainable product in a vehicle’s interior besides leather. Our vision for sustainability is to be the most capable, efficient and eco-friendly manufacturer of leather in the industry. It’s about making our world a better place by reducing our carbon footprint and improving our commitment to preserving natural resources.

How we do it

Genuine, natural,

Leather has a unique story to tell. It is genuine and natural. Respected.
Spanning multiple industries over many centuries. These are the qualities that
set it apart from other materials, giving consumers a durable and sustainable
solution for their vehicle interiors that’s cherished for years to come.