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Pangea Privacy Policy

1. Policy Statement

Pangea has as a fundamental concern, to guarantee the privacy and integrity of the personal data of its workers and third parties (partners, investors, clients, suppliers, service providers, advisors, consultants, partners, etc.) that have relationship with us, and for this purpose the necessary technical and organizational measures must be adopted to protect them. This Privacy Policy (Personal Data Protection Policy) is applicable to all addresses and managements, as well as departments, and both to its employees of Pangea., as well as third parties related to Pangea, and entities and professionals hired under other modalities when specified in their contracts. This Personal Data Protection Policy is applicable to all departments, and both their workers and third parties that are related to Pangea, and entities and professionals hired under other modalities when specified in their contracts.

2. Data Collection + Data Use

Pangea, in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter the Law), will obtain, use (access, manage, take advantage of, transfer or dispose of), disclose or store, by any means; only the necessary personal data related to your type of activity and to carry out relationships with your workers, suppliers, clients and other individuals who are related to it. The data will be obtained by virtue of the relationship that exists; with the express or tacit consent of the owners of these (owners of personal data). This data, as well as those of other third parties whose data have been obtained through authorized channels, will not be used for any other purpose other than that related to Pangea's own activities and that have been declared in the Pangea Comprehensive Privacy Notice. The Personal Data Protection Officer will determine in the Security Document what data will be collected and stored, and for how long, in each case.

3. Transmission + Transfer of Personal Data

Pangea may only transmit personal data with the tacit consent of the Data Owner and only to those third parties that are specified in Pangea's Comprehensive Privacy Notice. In the case of sensitive personal data, the person in charge must obtain the express and written consent of the owner for its treatment, through his handwritten signature, electronic signature, or any authentication mechanism established for this purpose. The express and written consent will be obtained through the Comprehensive Privacy Notice that for this purpose is provided to the Owner of the data.

4. Other Guidelines

If any type of personal data has been lost or disclosed to unauthorized persons, or there are well-founded suspicions that this may have been the case, the Personal Data Protection Officer must be notified as soon as possible in order to proceed to register and manage the incident. The workers Pangea and third parties related to it, will have the right not to receive written, telephone or email information of a commercial informative nature, when they have opposed this situation, in accordance with the procedure indicated in each of the Pangea Comprehensive Privacy Notices. The workers and third parties related to Pangea, they will be able to know what personal data Pangea has of each of these, as established in the Law. In individual employment contracts or employment contracts, service provision contracts, subcontracting contracts, among others, a data protection clause (confidentiality) must be included; Likewise, the obligation to keep secrecy and confidentiality about the personal data that they have known during their work or the contractual relationship in question must be included, even after leaving or terminating it.