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Leather manufacturing

to craft

The process of making leather is a journey. From hide selection and cutting to tanning and finishing, each part of that journey is truly unique. Our experienced artisans take great pride in that process, delivering a beautiful final product that has its own story to tell.

Team of Pangea employees working together

Process standardization

With lean and innovation enterprise serving as the foundation of our business, it’s no surprise that standardization within our organization is laser-focused on value creation and elimination of waste to drive more efficient performance. We’ve established global standards in our manufacturing facilities and strategic services teams focused on waste removal and taking variation out of the system. Business and process standards are critical to our Lean journey because without standards, there can be no continuous improvement

Leather manufacturing

Manufacturing innovation

When it comes to operations, we won’t settle for second best. We’re committed to consistent manufacturing processes that help us to provide flawless launch execution for our customers.  Our efficient, effective operations and standardized processes help drive best-in-class quality, utilization and productivity, while delivering world-class products.