Pangea LogoPangea, Formerly GST Seton
Pillars of Excellence

Our Core Pillars of Excellence are the building blocks of Pangea. Simply put - it's who we are and what we do.
Customer Connectivity
Leather Mastery
Lean & Innovation Excellence
Performance Culture
Sourcing Excellence

4D Customer Service

Relationships and trust with our customers, suppliers and industry partners are the pathways to our success. Our 4D customer service model is focused on the emotional connection we create with these groups. It’s about trust and credibility. Knowing their needs and providing the right solutions. Being an advocate.

Lean & Innovation Enterprise

Lean and Innovation Enterprise are the core operating philosophies of Pangea’s business. Whether its Finance, Marketing or Supply Chain, the operational principles are the same: elimination of waste that drives value creation for the customer.  Our S-R-C (Simple, Repeatable, Custom) innovation map helps to create, test and experiment new approaches that drive continuous improvement.