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Pangea Releases Annual Report + Advanced Products

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – Pangea, automotive leather supplier, announces the launch of their second sustainability report, key progress, and a line of advanced products. The company is committed to transparent disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. This includes accelerating manufacturing sustainability and product development connected to an improved carbon-footprint and greater focus on public perception of what a modern leather industry is.

Much of the 2022 report highlights sustainability roadmap achievements that started with the company’s first Sustainability Report covering 2021 activities. The company says it has reduced electricity consumption by 3% and recycled 10% more waste compared to 2021,amongst many key metrics.

Russ Rice, Sr. Director, NA Sales + Roger Pinto, Director, Innovation & Sustainability performing a hide review.

Pangea describes its sustainability strategy as a guide to drive change towards the circular leather industry. The company utilizes a substrate that would otherwise be landfilled, upcycling and manufacturing it into genuine leather, while being a fair and equal company. CSR targets provide meaningful reduction of environmental impacts, including the use of 70% more renewable chemistry than 2021 levels.  

In addition to announcing their 2nd annual report, Pangea releases a line of Advanced Products for its automotive customers. Inspired by the natural world, Pangea’s Advanced Products are the perfect canvas to create unique luxury interiors. Like trim levels in a new vehicle, Pangea interior solutions are bio-based with ingredients made up of various processes, natural chemistry, mechanical operations, and meticulous craftsmanship.

“Driven by the ever-evolving needs of automotive customers, we combine our proprietary tanning and finishing processes to create leather products. These products come to life and are truly personalized through any number of enrichments and custom cutting before being delivered to seat assembly.” – Roger Pinto, Director of Innovation& Sustainability  

Pangea says these new products are being tested and prepared for use by automotive manufacturers across the world today. One material recipe has 10% lower CO2emissions potential in its manufacturing compared to standard surface materials, and another is over 90% bio-based content with over a third of its chemistry being completely renewable.


About Pangea

Pangea is a global leather supplier to the world’s leading automotive brands, providing material solutions that drive the future of natural interiors. Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Pangea serves its customers on four continents with nearly 3,500 team members. For more information, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn  (@Pangea-made).


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